Letter and Document Templates

Get the letters and documents you need to resolve your employment issue

Application for Rule 21 judgment

If your employer hasn't responded to the Tribunal, use our Application for Rule 21 Judgment template to get a ruling.

Application for costs order

Use our Application for Costs Order to get your employer to pay for your Tribunal costs.

Application for deposit order

An Application for Deposit Order can be a good strategic tool in Tribunal proceedings. Use our template today!

Application for extension of time to comply with order

Need more time to comply with a Tribunal order? Use our Application for Extension of Time to Comply with Order template.

Application for hearing to take place in a different format

Need to change your Tribunal hearing format? Use our Application for Hearing to Take Place in a Different Format template.

Application for postponement of hearing

Need extra time to prepare for your Tribunal case? Use our Application for Postponement of Preliminary/Final Hearing.

Application for preliminary hearing

Our Application for Preliminary Hearing Template ensures your Tribunal judge understands what your case is about.

Application for strike out

Get your Tribunal case resolved sooner with our Application for Strike Out letter template.

Application for unless order

Need a Tribunal to issue an 'unless order'? Use our Application for Unless Order template today.

Application for witness order

Use our Application for Witness Order to ask a Tribunal to get you critical evidence from an uncooperative witness.

Application to amend claim

Made a mistake on an earlier form for your Employment Tribunal case? Use our Application to Amend Claim template to fix them!

Case Management Agenda

Tribunal asking you for a Case Management Agenda? Use our guide to help you prepare.

Case Management Orders

Propose Case Management Orders and suggested dates for compliance to the Tribunal with our template.

Cast list

Get a list together of everyone involved in your case with our Cast List template.

Costs Warning

Let your employer know that you want them to pay for Tribunal costs with our Costs Warning letter.

Data subject access request letter

Need to send a Data Subject Access Request letter? Claim a free DSAR letter template, including a video course on how and when to use a DSAR letter.

Disciplinary appeal letter

Appeal against your dismissal or any disciplinary actions with our Disciplinary Appeal letter.

ET1 Particulars of Claim

Get your ET1 Particulars of Claim right with our template.

Grievance appeal

If you're unhappy with the outcome of your workplace grievance, you can appeal it by using our grievance appeal letter template.

Grievance letter

Raise a grievance with confidence using our letter template.

List of issues

List out all of your legal issues for a Tribunal with our List of Issues template.

Mitigation of losses

If you’re making a Tribunal claim, you need to consider how you’re going to show you’ve mitigated your losses. Use our template to make this easy!

Redundancy appeal letter

Appeal your unfair redundancy with our Redundancy Appeal letter.

Request for further and better particulars

If your employer's ET3 Response is vague or not clearly written, use our Request for Further and Better Particulars template to get a clearer picture.

Request for specific disclosure

Use a Request for Specific Disclosure template to request to the Tribunal for your employer to disclose documents that are relevant to your case.

Resignation letter

If you’re thinking about leaving your job and claiming constructive dismissal, you’ll need a strong resignation letter.

Response to application made by respondent

Clearly and effectively respond to anything your employer says in Tribunal with a Response to Application Made by Respondent Template.

Schedule of Loss

Know what you're worth in Tribunal with our Schedule of Loss Letter Template.

Statement of agreed facts

Set out the main facts in your case with our Statement of Agreed Facts template.

Withdrawal letter

If your case has been resolved, use our Withdrawal Letter to easily withdraw your case.

Without prejudice letter

Use this where you want to negotiate with your employer "off the record" in order to try to reach a settlement out of court.

Witness statement (claimant version)

We guide you through writing your witness statement to best support your case. Use this if you are the Claimant in an Employment Tribunal claim.

Witness statement (non claimant version)

Ask someone else to provide a witness statement with this guided template. Having other witnesses strengthens your Employment Tribunal claim.

Written submissions

Need to make your closing arguments for an Employment Tribunal hearing? Use our written submissions template.