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Sarah Stephens

Access to Justice Advisor

My priority is to support Valla in developing a service that makes justice affordable, and accessible for everyone. My role is varied and intersects with many different aspects of Valla’s operations including understanding customers needs, legal content and working with partner organisations to help us keep working towards inclusive justice solutions.

I have spent over twenty five years working on legal projects both as a lawyer, project manager and more recently in justice sector reform - exploring new approaches to legal service delivery to increase access to justice.

It is important to me that everyone has equal access to the support that they need to challenge an unjust situation. This means making justice services affordable, understandable, and effective. I hope that my contribution helps Valla work towards this goal.

Why I joined Valla: Through my work as a legal practitioner, both for law firms and in pro bono legal advice clinics, I became aware that often people don’t know where to go to look for help when they have a legal problem. This led me to search for more user-friendly forms of justice service delivery - and then I discovered Valla!

Valla has developed a bespoke technology platform which offers people the opportunity to take back control of their legal problem, and to stand on a level playing field in the face of injustice. I am excited to be working with Valla on this journey of transforming legal service delivery and increasing access to justice. 

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