Our Team

A woman of chinese origin, smiling with a blue and flowery top.

Kate Ho

Chief Product and Technology Officer

I am in charge of product strategy and engineering at Valla. This means I'm responsible for understanding what our users need and how Valla can best support them, then translating that into code and actual software that people can use. 

My career has been varied, from startups to the public sector, including Skyscanner, Sainsbury's Bank and Scottish Government. I also have a PhD in Informatics from Edinburgh University. 

The thread that runs through my career is my passion for creating easy-to-use, delightful digital products and user experiences. I'm often found talking about user journeys and reading pop psychology. 

In my spare time, I'm a keen indoor and outdoor gardener. 

Why I founded Valla: Having experienced bullying in a previous workplace, I got fed up with not knowing what to do. We all deserve the right to live in the world without discrimination, and affordable access to legal support. 


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