My boss said I didn't qualify for redundancy because of a career break

My boss told me that I was being made redundant. I wasn't too upset about it. I knew the company had been struggling. What shocked me was that I thought there was supposed to be a redundancy 'review' period and this wasn't offered.

My department head didn't even bother learning my name

I didn't realise what a boy's club it was until the Head of IT came over to our bank of desks to laughingly chat with the other boys in my team about the round of golf they'd had that weekend. Never once did anyone ask if I wanted to join them.

I wasn't promoted while pregnant because I "might not come back."

It started when I took on the role of manager when my manager was on maternity leave. During this time I got pregnant. My manager chose not to return to the firm after her maternity leave and they were looking to recruit.

I nearly came out as trans at work, then heard awful transgender slurs

One day, a manager started talking about a trans woman who had recently interviewed for a job with the company, and almost immediately it became a slew of vicious insults, slurs, and incredibly personal, nasty comments about the woman's appearance, body, lifestyle, sexual history, etc.

My Boss Stole My Ideas, and I Wasn’t the Only One

At first, I felt he had issues just with me as he would block a lot of my ideas take my work and present it in a way that made it look like it was his. It was challenging because it’s was such a nuanced situation as he wasn’t openly sexist. It was really confusing.

I Constantly Deal with Undercover Sexism, and I’ve Had Enough

My entire experience in the tech industry is as a new parent, and it’s quite different from my first career in nonprofits. While the third sector is mostly women, the tech industry is dominated by young men.Being a parent in tech is interesting because not many of my peers are women or even parents. Most of my coworkers are young men who aren’t parents and don’t know any parents.

My Manager Bullied Me Until I Quit

In the beginning, it was just a little bit weird - my manager was really controlling but I thought this must just be how things work in the UK. He criticised everything that I did and restricted me a lot - I wasn't allowed to work on anything that didn't directly relate to his project which is very unusual. I ended up having to work a lot of nights and weekends because he wouldn't let me do my normal work during office hours.