Privacy at Valla
We've built this site to protect your privacy.

Here at Valla, our goal is for people to share their stories to help each other. We know that an important part of that is protecting your anonymity. To ensure that, we made a few commitments:

  • We won't use any third-party cookies on our story database
  • We won't use services from providers like Google and Facebook who are known for violating users' privacy
  • We will use privacy-first software for any website analytics we use

To achieve this, we chose Matomo Analytics as our website analytics software, which is designed to protect website visitors' privacy. You can read more about Matomo's privacy-first software here.

We're always looking for feedback about protecting your privacy. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email

Privacy notice: to protect your privacy, we don't use any third-party cookies. There are no tracking cookies from Facebook, Google or similar systems on this website. We want you to stay anonymous. More details here.